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Why we are different.

Roasting coffee is based on cooking a complex starch into a pleasing caramelized sugar. Each bean requires a specific roasting profile: the time and temperature required for turning a green coffee bean into a brown roasted coffee bean. Coffee under roasted tastes of grass, and coffee over roasted tastes of burnt rancid carbon. The Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company is dedicated to producing the best tasting coffee in the world.

We carry nine single-origin coffees from Indonesia, Africa, and the Americas because each region has a distinctive flavor for your palate. The Roasting Profiles are designed to maximize the flavors each origin brings to the finished, brewed cup of coffee. Our roasts run from light to dark to highlight the characteristic each bean offers, and we are continually cupping to ensure that each roast we produce will live up to its potential of flavor.
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